18 de febrero de 2011


Hello! The vacation have finished u.u I'm sad... Because I have 3 weeks to rest I feel tired all this week and the classes made me eternal :S I have a  lot of work to do... 

Well, this is the outfit of last Friday to go out wit my friends :)

Cardigan // カーディガン: Bershka
Skirt // スカート: Blanco
Tights // タイツ: Zara
Shoes // 靴: ¿?


I didn't have a gift to Valentine's Day, but Mariona five my my birthday present ^^ There are a lot! When I opened the box I was surpised!!! She know that I love Kit Kat and gave a pack to me. Hair accesories and Hello Kitty never fail ^^ The Korean coin purse with the rabbit is adorable ♥ Thank you *O*
私はバレンタインの日のプレゼントがありませんでしたがマリオーナさんはお誕生日のプレセントを贈ってくれました。函を開ける時私はきょうてんいまし。一宇が大好きですね~。キットカットはおいしかった!ヘアアクセさりーとハロウキッティはすてきと思います。韓国のさいふは愛らしいです ♥ ありがとうございます *O*

This afternoon I will go to Barcelona with a friend ^^ I wanna take a lot of photos but I think that the weather will worsen.
And tomorrow I will go to Centelles (near Vic, Girona) because my sister should do an easey
of the traditional festival. Maybe I will upload photos :)

Sorry, my japanese isn't perfect to explain or express the same things that I can say in Spanish or English.

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  1. eeh, quin nivellas de japones! haha les mitjes i les sabates m'agraden molt! i estic molt contenta de que t'haigi agradat el regal :)

  2. Les mitgeees!! : D que guays!
    són molt macos els regals de la Mariona (^O^)