4 de febrero de 2011

Boring days~~

As you know I'm on vacation~~ These days are a bit boring u.u because I have some homework to do but I don't feel like doing anything. Last night (so the photos that I took are such poor quality, sorry!) I was bored and was looking my magazines. I had not realized I had so many! 

 Fool's Mate, G&L Bible, Uruha special, Kera Maniax, Egg and Ranzuki.Missing 2 magazines...  
There are a lot of variety. Now I don't buy G&L Bible, is the most expensive. 
Music magazines aren't my favourite type. 

 All my Kera's magazine.

And these are the 3 new ones (Dec.2010, Jan. 2011 and Feb. 2011) I would like read them but I can read only few hings T.T
My favourite is February ^^ Takeru appears in the cover and the neon colors are great :D


Maybe tomorrow go with my sister to spend the day in Barcelona.Go shopping, enjoy an urban environment and look where is the place of the celebration of the Chinese New Year.

Last Saturday I was in Barcelona too, celebrating Sarah's birthday. It was very good and we took some purikura *O* 

This is my favourite: 

Imitating Ida's style ! 
(Ida and Mariona (-->up)// Me and Sarah (-->down)

3 comentarios:

  1. quin munt de Keras!! la foto amb la ninja hello kitty queda molt be ahaha
    si vas a barcelona ja explicaras que tal! :)

  2. Que envidia , yo tambien quiero aburrirme un poquito , pero con los exámenes ... como que no puedo XD.

    Que montón de revistas ^^ , yo voy a ver si me hago con una egg.

    pasa un buen fin de semana !!

  3. Es que aquestes revistes són tan guays (;0;) xD
    Al final heu trobat el restaurant? jaja xD