9 de mayo de 2013


Few weeks ago some friends and I went to the mountain. Montserrat is a famous place near Barcelona. 
There is a sanctuary.  
More info here !!!! (click : D )

We put a candly to make a wish ^^ A lot of people do it! Is very common 

The weather that day was perfect,  as the "weather predicction man" says, it is a "high definition" day. 
We could see Pyrenees from Montserrat *-* absolutely amazing!

Our picnic :) People get shocked when saw our dishes and the nice display hahaha

Even the cat came to taste the meal ^-^ cute~~ 

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  1. Holaaa!!

    Me encanta la foto de las velas, me ha recordado un poco a covadonga, es asturias, no se como sera el resto, pero lo de las velas y eso.
    Tambien es normal o comer por alli en un restaurante o hacer comida como lo tuyo jajaja que por cierto, vaya pinta!