27 de abril de 2013


My hand :) 

I loved the result of my nails. The colors are cute, like my new skirt with floral print. 
I bought it in Bershka and is only 6€. 

But I took the pic to show you my bracelet. I have a lot of bracelets and I like all of them 
but I think this is my favourite one. 
I bought it last summer when I was in Zaragoza with my family. 
The little bracelet is from Zaragoza too and I like it because is small and my wrist is thin >.<

The pink one is a present by Sarah ^^ I told you few post ago. 
And the white one... actually is a kids necklace from H&M hahaha

The same day I bought the skirt my mum also bought this nail stickers at Claire's for me. 
Since long time ago I wanted these stickers because I like the design :) 
 I will show you the result when I use the stickers. 

We also went to a shop (Bijou Brigitte) because all was discounted... Although is a popular shop apparently is not the case in my city and it will close down. I am not sad because I don't like that brand too much... I don't use to buy there but that time I bought one thing... this hairband for 1€! 

Today I bought a shirt too but I will show you in alater post.

Nice weekend! 

6 comentarios:

  1. Oh really cute stuffs, lovely headband.
    Now I´m following you in GFC If you wat follow me back


    1. thank u! ^^ I follow you since few days ago :)

  2. Qué mono tot ;_; Com t'envejo haha, tant de bo tingués més mà per portar accessoris >_<

    1. moltes gràcies! hahaha bueno cadascú te el seu estil dona :)

  3. Et queda molt bé aquesta diadema! (^O^)
    Segur que et quedaran dissenys molt guays amb aquestes enganxines de les ungles ☆ミ

    1. moltes gràcies! crec que fins que no acabi el curs no utilitzaré les enganxines hahaha