12 de mayo de 2013

Sant Jordi

Sant Jordi, on 23th April, is one of the most important days in Barcelona (and all Catalonia) and it  is based in Saint George legend. 

That day I was in Barcelona with two chinese friends, who enjooyed the festivity for first time. 

We took a  lot of photos like this:

The day is also called "the day of the rose and the book", for this reason, the tradition consist in: 
- boys give roses to girls (the color of the rose doesn't matter, annd now there are many types)
- girls give books to the boys

But some people receive both :) 
My sister bought a book for me and my friends gave me a multicolor rose! (Like the first photo)

I was very happy ^^ Moreover we could see a lot of celebrities signing his books. 

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