11 de abril de 2013


Did you thought I showed you all the presents I received for my birthday?
If you did it, you are wrong!
I didn't forgot upload this post, but I prefered upload other post before. 

These are the present from Sarah! ^-^

The bracelets and the belt are from Forever21
The letter and the bag are the cutest I have never seen! 
Rilakkuma and Little Twin Stars! 

Another day we hang out with Anna, a classmate :)
We are a university work team for some subjects -> yeah! hahaha 

As you see my fringe ¿dissapeared?
That day it was my hairstyle, but later my uncle cut my fringe 
I don't like my fringe now so everyday thats my hairstyle
I hope my fringe will grow soon T.T 

3 comentarios:

  1. Oh god, I love how you girls wear the tights ^^

  2. M'alegro que t'agradessin els regals ☆ミヽ(^ω^)/ミ☆

  3. Whoaaaaa, l'Anna en una foto? Com us ho veu fer?! XD Hahaha. I sí, m'he fixat que últimament no portes serrell, la veritat és que et queda bé igual: Se't veu més la cara! :D