19 de abril de 2013

La Mona

How are you? Recently I feel really nice and I hope I could feel like this for a long time :)

I have told you my Easter! Well, today I am going to show you the cake my sister and I cooked. 
In Catalonia is typical eat chocolate eggs and a cake called "mona". 
We saw the cakes on bakeries and we thought we could made a better one. Of course, we did it. See it: 

What do you think? My sister made this cute rabbit :) 
And I made the eggs with chocolate. How? I blowed up ballons and covered with melted chcocolate. 
While the chocolate was melted I decorated each one and  later I hanged the eggs from a thread.
Inside the cake we put jam. 

The cake was a surprise for my parents due they was traveling and arrived that day. 
My mum was very happy! hahaha
We enjoyed it with my cousins and my aunt. She was my godmother so the tradition is that she gives to me the cake. But I am not a child so since few years ago my sister is who made the cake. 

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