9 de marzo de 2013

Presents 2

...and more gifts ^^ 

It is type of notebook handmade by my sister. I am the girl of the cover
She did it to wish my good thing and  her friends (also my friends) wrote too.

Sometimes, when I need motivation I read it and I feel better :)

They bought these hair accessories for me too. 
From Stradivarius.


This week I have Chinese exam. I am not nervous (I will be, for sure)
So, tomorrow I have to study hard. 

Now I am doing an essay about the dialect of Shanghai. 
And tonight I will go out with my sister and the girls group! 
We will have a dinner and later maybe we go to drink cocktail. 

Yesterday night I go out too with my friends ^^ We had a really good time together. 
Long time passed since we didn't it.

Now I feel happy :)

1 comentario:

  1. Hola!!

    qué postal más adorable...es hecha a mano?
    suerte con tu examen de chino!!
    me dio mucha pena haber dejado ese idioma...;___;