6 de marzo de 2013


OMG I am too busy  these days... because I am preparing something important. 
But still I don't want tell it in my blog... Sorry, you have to wait :P

But you don't need to wait more for seeing the presents I received! Yes,  as I promised 
long time ago... 

Well, a friend gave this purse. It is made with kimono fabric! Cute and unique :)
She bought it in Barcelona with my sister in a shop called Nunoya ^^

My sister made this bracelet and my mum bought Coco Chanel perfume. 
Thanks mum, I love it! ♥

Another friends gave me this bag. I like it but I need a band because I thin is better 
as a shoulder bag. Sure I will use it more if I can change this detail >.<
It is from Stradivarius

I have more presents ^-^ but I don't want upload all in one entry.   
So, next time!

Bye Bye~~~

2 comentarios:

  1. que regalos mas bonitos, el bolso me encantó, es precioso!

  2. oooh, those gifts are really one of kind and sweet! ^_~