16 de febrero de 2013

My birthday (21 years)

Long time passed since my last upload. 
I was busy >.< Sorry
I had one week of vacations before start the university again but I had tmany things to do

You know, I told you 30th Jnauary was my birthday. 
I celebrated it before (26th), the 30th and later (1st February and 2nd). 
I had 4 cakes (with  chinese exchange friends at university and Mariona too) hahahaha
 The first was this one:

Chinese friends and I had a dinner together in Balthazar restaurant 
in Barcelona and then we went to the disco. 
The cake and the presents were a surprise! I was amazed <3 font="">

The 30th my sister did this special cake. Chocolate roses!!!! and leopard print inside. 
It was the first time she tried the effect and I think is really nice. 

Long candles (I love the result) and butterflies 

On Friday we went with friends to a small restaurant in our city.
Slow food and warm place. I didn't know we were going to celerate my birthday >.<

This cakes is  is the fourth I received. Is 3 chocolate flavour, but sugar free :) 

Moreover on Saturday Sarah and I celebrated our birthday togethe
r because she turned 21 three days before I (27th January). 
We spend the day in Barcelona ^-^

(Trying Meitu to edit the photos! 
Walking in Barcelona before go to Japanese restaurant with a classmate, Claudia)

Opening the presents in Akashi Gallery *-* 
I will update photos of all the presents the next time

4 comentarios:

  1. 4 birthday cakes?!? I'm so jealous!

  2. hapy birthday to you ! hope all the best!you look pretty in ur bday outfit!^^

  3. Que guays tots els pastissos!!
    El de la teva germana està super ben fet (^^)

    Ens ho vam passar molt bé, oi?(^O^)!