24 de febrero de 2013

Carnival Night

Hello! Is very late (almost midnight) but I don't want go to sleep. 
It is Saturday night but my plans changed due the snow (well, the snow has melted), 
but I prefer postpone my plans. 

2 weekends ago I met with a friend. 
(yes, we are making selca stupid faces -hahaha-)

That day I got annoyed because hairdresser result. 
I don't like when my fringe is too short and people can see my eyebrows. 
Recently I though about change my hair look but I am not sure >.< 
I changed the colour. Now my mum and I have the same dyed hair colour -> Aubergine color
I love it!

We dinner together like a couple in Heart Burger. 
We  tasted the Oriental one and then we shared the dessert: 
coulant and strawberry ice cream. Yummy~~~

Later, we went to the disco with two friends. 

The next night I also hang out with friends to celebrate Chinese New Year. 
We had a dinner and then we celebrated Carnival at disco. I chose this outfit (H&M dress)
because animal print is good to improvise a costume Don't you think so?
I only needed the hair accessory I made 2 years ago. Yes! This ears are hand made by me :)

(Sorry >.< the photo is not edited!)

Have a nice Sunday ^-^

3 comentarios:

  1. Ichi !!

    Estás guapísima ^^

    Un saludo !

  2. Hola!!

    He visto que me seguías y me he animado a pasar y seguirte!
    Ah...cuando llevaba el flequillo recto me pasaba como a ti, detestaba cuando lo tenía recién cortado y se me veían las cejas, para mí cuando mejor quedaba eran al pasar unos días.
    Y la verdad es que sí, el vestido te hizo muy bien el apaño!

    Nos vemos!!

  3. No et van tallar el serrell com volies però jo crec que així també et queda bé (^^)!
    De les dues maneres queda bé! (^^)

    A mi també m'agraden molt els coulants (*Q*) hahaha