29 de enero de 2013


Some photos I took the last night of the year

Champagne and sweets (my 12 grapes for having good luck during the year)

and my nails that night. 

Almost one month passed... 
and tomorrow (well, here only 45 left for be on 30th of January) 
is my birthday :) 

I will upload photos of the presents I will receive! 

Last weekend I received some gifts because I celebrated with 3 friends
 going out for a dinner and later we went to the disco ^^ 

2 comentarios:

  1. Ooh, Happy Birthday! タンジョウビ(*'∀`)ハ┌iiiiii┐ハ('∀`*)オメデトウ I hope you had a nice day☆
    Your nails look very cute!

  2. Que guay amb lacasitos haha (^ω^)