24 de enero de 2013

24th January

how are you???
OMG... I abandoned my blog... 
This month I have exams but I didn't forgot my blog, the place where I can show you my daily life 

I want upload some New Year's Eve photos but I am waiting for having all the photos and edit 

I don't have nothing interesting to tell us... 
Well, I have a really nice new but I don't want publish it yet!!! 

I don't have more time today to write a better entry, but please forget me! hahaha

And I add a photo, because an entry without photo isn't good enough :) 

That day I was very proud with the  make up result ^^ Like a professional 

2 days ago I died my hair again. The result was really nice!!! The colour I chose is similar to this photo 

3 comentarios:

  1. T'ha quedat molt bé el maquillatge! (^^)

  2. I love the eyeshadow ^_^
    It's like a piece of art!

  3. Estic d'acord amb la Sarah, el maquillatge et queda monísim! Te'l vaig veure el dia de l'exàmen de RRII i vaig dir, woww qué cuco :___D <3