12 de enero de 2013


I want go shopping! I haven't bought on sales this year yet... T.T

But one month ago, more or less, I bought some things: 

From Pull&Bear. The pack include the 3 ^^

I bought it in H&M. People says I look like a princess using this tiara. 

Me and Roy
The dog of a friend :) 

In this photo I am using a gold tiara (one of the first photo). 

I hope soon can go shopping, but I am not sure when I could enjoy sales... 
Now I am  on exam period. 
This week I took 2 exams. I am not happy at all.
 Chinese exam wasn't difficult but the text we had to read was horrible. 
We can't read all! Because we haven't learned the vocabulary of the text... 
Well, on Monday I will know the result :S 
This week I have  2 exams more >.< I will do my best! 
So, now I am going to continue studying and reading. Read... what?
For Japanese literature I had to chose one book to make the exam. I chose
眠れる美女 (Nemureru Bijo) "The House of Sleeping Beauty" writed by Yasunari Kawabata. 

Happy weekend! And good luck for exams!

3 comentarios:

  1. The things you bought are very nice, I have to study for my english exam....

    Good Luck!!!

  2. Aaww què mono el gos, sembla un Pomerania, no? :D Les diademes també són molt cuques, a veure si pots trobar un moment i anar de rebaixes, que després de tot el que ve (i vindrà ;_;) ja ens ho mereixem! <3

    Un petó i bona setmana :)

  3. Jo tampoc m'he comprat res de rebaixes haha xD!
    Que maca la foto amb el gosset (^^)