24 de junio de 2012

In the summer

Are you having a nice weekend?

I'm a little busy because too much things to do. But not boring things ^-^: tidy up my room, go out with friends, go to the hairdresser... like this kind of woman who only have to think in social relationships and herself. But it isn't a problem. Now I have free time. 

Well, one of the lasts time I was in Barcelona (recently I go often) I bought it:

H&M nail polish: 
Blue--> nail him 
Gold--> sunset gold
Pink Glitter (?)--> zoo

I can resist to buy cute stationery and stuff... I fall in love with all  just in 1 second. 
Bear nail clipper, kawaii tape, panda comb and cat diary. 

All is cheap *O* and the diary is useful because I can organize my days during the summer. I want write down interesting things and fill in all the tables and charts. It would mean my summer vacation is good and enjoyable :)

See my nails! I put some fruits and painted each nail with a different colour. 
To get a better effect I added glitter nail polish and the result convinced me more. 
Are cool for summer, isn't? 
The summer began this week. What do you plan to do? 

2 comentarios:

  1. Wow!I didn't know H&M also sells nail polishes...and those were really pretty shades...^_~

  2. Que maca l'agenda per dins!! (*^O^*)