17 de junio de 2012

Summer begins!

Yesterday my friends and I spend the day in Barcelona ^.^
 We took the last exam on Wednesday and now the summer vacation starts for us :D 
We are very happy~~  

We can't believe it yet.. Seems unreal! 

Look! I wore a new dress. I think I haven't upload any photo when I bought it >.< 

The weather was really nice, exactly as I like! It makes me feel good. 

We ate at Japanese restaurant. We always go to the same restaurant >.< but we really like it... even so, we decided the next time we have to change and go different one
because there are more good restaurants. 

Mariona take us this photo. Sarah and me waiting to start eating our sashimi and sushi
We ate takoyaki too:

We use to lunch early and then, when we finish, some shops are closed... 
While, we wait at Yumcha. I ate this waffle, typical from Hong Kong. You can see the style is different. 
It is called "grid cake" or "grid biscuit" and the form is round instead of square. 
With nutella was tasty! 
My friends drink a bubble tea. 
I like little by little we can enjoy a little bit of Asia in Barcelona.  

Then we go shopping again. I bought many things! Maybe next time I will show you all. 
This morning I took the photos and I hope upload it soon o(n.n)o

3 comentarios:

  1. Va ser guay ahir!! (^^) Fa bona pinta el gofre que et vas menjar!! haha (^Q^)

  2. Your outfit looks really cute, just like Sarah's (^O^)/
    The food seems really tasty☆I've never seen this type of waffle but I'm sure it's good!
    Enjoy your summer holidays (・ω・)♪

  3. i love your outfit!! the shoes, bag everything look so cute and stylish!! loves ^_~ looking gorgeous =)