14 de abril de 2012

when I'm bored

Today I spended my time in Barcelona. My sister and I wanted to go on Easter vacation but 
I had a lot of work to do for university so our plan was postponed. 
Even I was busy on vacation I had to go to dinner with family... and then I took some photos of 
the outfit I wore. 

The effect of this photo is made with a Chinese program, like Photoshop. 
I like it very much :D 

My clothes are from Stradivarius and Zara ^^ 

Next time I will show you the presents that my friend from Madrid sent to me *-*

3 comentarios:

  1. El programa que dius és el meitu xiuxiu?? És molt guay, et deixa retocar les fotos de moltes maneres o(^-^)o

    Sí, és veritat, durant les vacances vam tenir molta feina (><) ahaha

  2. Guapaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa