10 de abril de 2012

Black is black

Hi ^^ How have been Easter? 
I had to study :/ so, my vacation wasn't good enough. 
I think the best day was the last because I disconnected 100% taking a break, spending my time in Barcelona with good company :)

Anyway, time ago I bought some new things ^^ 
I'm going to show you the product I use now to make up my eye. It makes an intense look. 
I didn't know if buy it was a good idea because I was afraid about the mode of application, but now I'm very happy with the result. 

Make up Forever: Aqua Black Waterproof Cream Eye Shadow
I bought all in Sephora

The same day I bought this nail polish. Years ago I used to paint my nails black. Then I detested because I used too much... but when I saw this colour I saw something different. Is black, but with a pearl touch which make the colour look more elegant. 

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