20 de abril de 2012

from Madrid

When I think in Madrid I think in my friend Laly. 
She is very important for me because we meet on internet and thanks to her I enjoyed a lot of moments... 
She used to come to Barcelona with friends, specially with Cristina. She is a good girl too :D 

Last week I received the gifts she sent to me (and for my sister too). 
This time she gave me Lush to enjoy the bath time and relax.
 I love it!!!!!!!!!! ♥    ♥                 

Sure you know I like nail polish. This pack is from H&M
dark hot red + Beige + PInk me up

and the lipgloss is from H&M too. When I put the lipgloss on my lips... OMG!!! 
I want to eat it. 
It smells very nice and is smooth to the touch, like velvet.

She gave me a cap. but I haven't taken a photo yet >.<

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