18 de marzo de 2012

v a r i e d

Hi! Are you having a nice weekend? 

I hope it haha In my case, I have to study and, sincerely, I'm bored :/ 
Moreover I couldn't hang out with friends. Exams will be soon...
你们的周末怎么样? 我得学习所以我这个周末很无聊. 

This is Ida's present. I like it! Hello Kitty post-it, pen and pencil.It is very cute :) 
She gave me a letter too with Rilakkuma envelope ^^ 
这是Ida的礼物.她给我买好Hello Kitty的东西. 可爱极了! 她也送给我一封信. 

The same day I bought some things when I was alone in the middle of the shops jungle in Barcelona with all the tourist buying clothes and people who take advantage of their free time on Saturdays to go spend money, like me haha
 星期六在巴塞罗那我买好一些衣服. 星期六下午巴塞罗那的店很多拥挤. 有的游客也有的西班呀人花钱. 

I bought some wet wipes in H&M because are cute ^^ 
and this lip gloss which taste like vanilla ice cream. 

I bought a nail polish in Kiko. One day, while I was painting my nails, I realized that I haven't any blue nail polish and now this colour can't miss in my nail polish box. 

Do you like it? 

3 comentarios:

  1. Good luck with your upcoming exams!
    The presents from Ida are very cute (*^ω^*)
    I like the Hello Kitty wet wipes, too! I guess H&M in Spain has a lot more Hello Kitty related things than the ones in Holland☆
    The blue colour looks nice!

  2. Que bonitos regalitos <3
    Me gustó mucho el color de esmalte

  3. Hello kitty es adictiva
    Me encanto el color del esmalte