25 de marzo de 2012


I will show you some new beauty products :D

Dress Glove Cream -> Majolica Majorca 

I bought it in Yesstyle :) I love it because the sparkling effect in the hands.
It cost 14 € approximated.  

And my uncle gave me these Moroccan oil free sample for the hair. 
I recomend Moroccan oil because the hair gets more soft. 
Absolutly perfect ^^ 

Next time I will show you some japanese sweets I tasted :) 

Thanks for read my blog. 
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Thanks for the people that often comment my post ^^ 
... And sorry for my stupid english errors hahaha

3 comentarios:

  1. I always hear good things about that oil for your hair! I want to get some but I have no idea where xD

  2. The cream looks nice and I want to try it! : D : D I want the hair oils!

  3. Va bé la crema? (⋈・◡・)✰ He llegit a gent que s'ha comprat coses d'aquesta marca! (*・ω・*)