14 de marzo de 2012

Spring is coming

Every day is warmer, I can feel it when at morning I go to univesity. My body isn't like... ¿stiff? because the cold. haha I feel better

And we can see the almond trees flowers now ^^ It makes up an absolute beautiful landscape. 
I took this photo in the country, in the village where my father grew up. 

And last weekend I told you I was in Barcelona. Sarah and I took this photo ^^ 
You can see I wore the flower dress I show you (I think 2 post before this). 
We feel in Starbucks :)

Ida gave to me my birthday present ^^ but I haven't took the photo yet, so...
wait for the next post, please :D 

3 comentarios:

  1. The photograph of the flower looks beautiful! (*^ω^*)
    I hope it'll get warmer in Holland soon, but at the moment it's still very cold (><) Sun should come soon because I'm getting tired of my cold!
    I'm looking forward to seeing what Ida gave you★

  2. The picture of the sakura is so beautiful! You look so cute ^ ^ Happy belated birthday!

  3. Aww casi nunca me emociona la primavera, pero esta vez si, y mas viendo fotos como la primera