28 de marzo de 2012


Recently I have bought many japanese sweets because I have found a net shop to buy it :)

The shop is-> Japón Shop
You can see that there aren't only sweets. Ramen, tea... are also available. And sshipping cost aren't too expensive inside Spain ^^ 

But sweets are speacial I think because are different and they mix flavours, make special edition and the presentation is amazing!

I love these chocolate with condensed milk and strawberry inside.

Time ago I bought a big pack 
I don't like matcha but I bought the Melty Kiss for some presents to friends ^^ 
Chocolate Kit Kat is delicious, but dark chocolate of this special edition was... extremly good taste! Incomparable from spanish dark chocolate Kit Kat. 
Another special edition was Yubari Melon Kit Kat. Maybe you don't know but in each area of Japan there are a special flavour of Kit Kat that there is only sold in the prefecture. Yubari Melon is exclusive from Hokkaido. I like it! 

Another time I bought Kit Kat that taste like strabwerry cake. The thing I dislike is the size... because the portion is small the enjoyment ends fast :( 
I thought it when I was tasting White Chocolate Kit Kat. A special edition that can make you thing it taste like hamburger (hahaha) because the design. I think it was my favourite one. 
Another kind o KiT Kat is made with orange too... but I don't like it too much.

And if you want taste something different I recomend you Chocolate Mint Chewing Gum. 
I admire Meiji brand because is original. 

And the last thing I bought was these Fit's chew gums. 
It is peach flavour with plum and cherry topping. 

Soooo~~ sweet :D 

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  1. Quina bona pinta que te toooooot :)

  2. All sweets you bought look so delicious☆ I love Kitkat because of their huge variety of flavours.
    I checked the site and the prices are pretty reasonable, too! Maybe I'll order something from them if they ship to the Netherlands★ It's so great that they sell matcha Kitkat because it's my favourite (*^ω^*)