8 de enero de 2012

CHristmas presents :)

Tomorrow I will start again the routine: go to the university 5 days per week, wake up early, study hard for final exams, go to sleep late because essays... 

Maybe you know in Spain Santa Claus give presents to us, but The Three Kings too. 
So, I received more presents 6th January at morning. This year under the Christmas tree I found  many presents ^^ 

My mum gave me Coco Chanel perfume, but my present for her was the same!!! haha
That's because both like this perfume :) Moreover she gave me Carolina Herrera perfume with shower gel. It smell very nice and the two things were inside a cute round box. See all in the photo:

One month ago I did a present list where I write down some of the things I want. 
As I read the first and the second part of 1Q84 book I asked for the third ^^ 
I hope I can read it soon :) 

Two weeks ago my friends and I, as every year, met to celebrate Secret Santa. I'm not sure if Secret Santa describes exactly what we do, because in Spain it receive a different name. 
So, my friend gave to me these bracelets ^^ The fabric you can see behind the bracelets is the neckerchief she gave to me too. I like it very much. 

I think although I have exams I will write as I do always ^^ I suppose next time I will show you some things I bought yesterday on winter sales. 

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  1. You got some nice presents! In Holland, we only get presents with Christmas☆
    Good luck with your exams!

  2. * ^ * Yo quiero ese libro de Haruki!! espero cuando lo leas puedas escribir una reseña y tu opinión!