1 de enero de 2012

1st in 2012

Happy New Year!!!

This is my first post of 2012 :) 

I haven't specific New Year's resolution. I think maybe is better think about it every day and do all as better as possible, not only few things... 

Well, yesterday I dinner with family before say goodbye to 2011 ^^ 
As Spanish tradition, we eat the 12 grapes during the countdown. 
I always feel nervous in that moment :S 

The last night of 2011 I wore this red dress :) 

And the hairstyle was very simple ^^ To decorate I put 2 metallic flowers and one black butterfly between. Maybe here you can't appreaciate well :S Sorry >.< 

Later I went with friends to the disco :) We had a good time together! I hope we can repeat next year. 

2 comentarios:

  1. Happy new year!! Acá antes acostumbrabamos hacer la cuenta regresiva con las uvas, pero este año no :(

  2. uoo que guapa! al final vas trobar un vestit, i que maco que es! happy new year~!!!^^