17 de enero de 2012



Recently, Tuesday is an important day for me, but today, even is Tuesday I feel so so. 
At morning, chinese exam... difficult than expected and I feel i couldn't show all I know 
Tomorrow I will know the result :/ 
最近星期二是一个非常重要的日可是今天我马马虎虎. 上午中文考试得难一点儿. 我学习可是我没觉得考试什么难...

At first I thought today I would go to Barcelona, but the plan collapsed (?) ._. I don't like it... 
今天我想去巴塞罗那. 因为我的朋友没打电话所以我没去了

Well, I went to Barcelona with my sister for shopping at sales. I bought 4 things ^^ but 2 had reduced price and 2 are clothes from new collection haha I always buy new collection things although discounts in other clothes. But I think sometimes (often) no worth buy ugly things in sales hahaha is not necessary... 

This T-shirt is from H&M and i costed only less than 10 euros ^^ is not sales prices because this T-shirt is part of next summer collection. You can't see it clear but has small holes and one safety pin.
I bought a skinny jeans to put it together :) is a great combination!!!

Moreover I bought this T-shirt :) When I was trying it I remembered the time I tried it before haha 
but now I know how to combine with a skirt and make a outfit full of powder :P 
The transparency of the fabric make it cool!!! 
When I arrived at home I saw my neckerchief and... OMG is the same collection pattern (see it here
Definitely, my clothes taste is well-defined :D 

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  1. I really like the first shirt as it has this kind of 'selfmade' idea look (^O^) And safety pins and other things like studs always look great on shirts I think ☆
    I hope your result will be good!

  2. La segona samarreta també s'assembla a aquell vestit que tens de lleopard (^^)