29 de diciembre de 2011


How was Christmas day??? 
Now all are waiting to the end of the year :) 

Well, I celebrated Christmas at grandma's house ^^ with family, as always
and I did nothing special haha

This year at home we decorated the Christmas tree with red and golden things, such this star:

I think this year I'm obsessed with red colour haha Moreover I want a red dress 
to end the year and go party at the disco... but I'm aware of the fact that I won't find one, because only 2 days left and I have a lot of things to do :(

The night of 24th December, when I dinner with my family I wore the outfit I show you 
some post before:

I hope you like it :) 

This year I haven't tasted Christmas sweets yet. When I was child I use to eat a lot haha 
but now I think I'm tired because always are the same things 

One week before Christmas, we celebrated sister's birthday ^^ and I did this chocolate cake 
It was delicious!!! 

In next entry maybe I will show you the presents :D

2 comentarios:

  1. I love your outfit! you look so cute <3

  2. Bon Any Nou!!!
    Woo, la faldilla vermella que vas dir! Així et pots fer dos outfits diferents amb les dues faldilles (^^)