16 de diciembre de 2011

16th December

Hi!!! Hi!!! Hi!!! 
How are you these days??? 
One one week left to Christmas >.< OMG is very soon! 
Last weekend I went to Barcelona with Sarah because we had to bought some presents for Christmas ^^ 
Actually, I went to Barcelona with my sister too, because I had two days off.

See my new T-Shirt ^^ haha the dog is very cute! But with these nerd glasses it is the cutests dog I have ever seen :D 

What I have bought for me? This emerald nail polish and this YSL eyeliner.  Emerald is one of my favourites colours ^^ 
Moreover one day I went to Claire's and I received this nail file which I haven't tryied yet... 

I don't have many things to tell you... This week I was really busy because the university and now I have backlog
Bye bye~~ 

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