9 de diciembre de 2011

Shopaholic ( 1 )

This time I'm going to show you the last things I have bought ^^ (as I told you in the last entry)

Blouse: ZARA (25,95 €)
Skirt: ZARA (12,95 €)

This T-shirt isn't new... maybe I bought it one month ago but I forgot upload the photo haha sorry! 
I love the leopard star ^^ I think is very original. 

ZARA (9,95 € approx.)

Hello Kitty!!!! It isn't a pajama... haha You can found more Hello Kitty T-shirts now in Pull&Bear. Moreover are cheap :)  It cost me 12,99€

This is a shirt. Now there are a lot of this type of shirts on shops. Sure you have seen a lot like this:
But I think the openwork shirts are elegant. Sure I will wear it in a Christmas dinner or something like that. 
ZARA (22,95 €)

Because Christmas is soon, these days I went often to Barcelona's downtown. I have bought more things hahaha I have to spend less money >.<
 But on Saturday I will go again... ^^ I enjoy see the Christimams lights in the streets and Barcelona is very crowded, as I like. 

3 comentarios:

  1. Que guays les compres!
    M'agrada molt la samarreta de l'estrella (^^)
    Fins demà!!

  2. ai que maques les compres m'encanta la camisa i la faldilla primeres son super maques! *_*