21 de noviembre de 2011

Heart Cake ♥

My sister do it for me :D     is     p e r f e c t !

d e l i c i o u s,      l o v e l y, 

The best thig of all is that this cake is like one of those small pleasures that life give. 

I ate the cake last night while I was studying Japan's economic history... 

:/ Today I took the exam. I'm very tired now because later I went shopping haha

Nothing special... 2 trousers, one jacket and one bag ^^ 

T.T sorry I don't have new thing to show and I need to take m ore photos.

I really want take photos, but I don't find nothing to shoot :S

Ah ^^ You can see on the right I have add a new gadget to know in real time from where 

is the people who visit my blog. 

Thank u all :) 

4 comentarios:

  1. uoooo! el super cake que et va fer la teva germana! fa molt bona pinta, i mira que de xocolata a mi no m'agraden gaire xDD ja ensenyaras el que t'has comprat!!

  2. oysh *-* quina gana! quina bona cara que te el pastis >3< *gana aumentant per moments* xD