26 de noviembre de 2011

Yesterday was Friday

 Yesterday was Friday, and as every Fridays I had no class. I decided to go to Barcelona with my sister to spend all day there :) We went to buy some clothes but finally we didn't found anything special ._.' 

Well, I bought this wallet to my credit card and the train tickets :) 
I love this type of violet colour. 

Then I meet my friends to spend few hours talking... mmm, gossiping defines better what we do when we are together haha 

This is a photo of one one the tables of the cafeteria we use to go to eat some sweets and drink coffe. Is a warm, welcoming, friendly and small cafeteria, so it's hardly surprising  that often there aren't free seats :(

For this reason, yesterday we had to go to another cafeteria... 
My friend took a photograph of me. 
I wore a new shirt. Actually is not new... is new for me, but this shirt is from when my mum was young ^^ Is authentically retro! Luckly it looks new. 

Yesterday I took more photos but I wasn't feeling very inspired :/

3 comentarios:

  1. guapissima com sempre! la samarreta de la teva mare sembla ser molt maca :)

  2. Que guay això de la Hello Kitty! Jo de vegades també faig servir roba que abans utilitzava la meva mare xD