16 de noviembre de 2011



How are you? I'm fine haha ^^ But these days it's very cold >.< and rain a lot! I don't like rainy days, only if I stay at home with my warm blanket hahaha
I don't have new photos T.T only this one:

Mariona took it at university :) I think it was 3 weeks ago... hahahaha
I love the jeans I wear in that picture ^^ and that day I wore pink boots :D 
Sarah and I are always ready to take pictures XD

You can see I changed the design of my blog ^^ 
I love it! I hope you like it too 

Well... nothing special to tell us :S I think I'm creating this entry to prove I'm alive and I don't forget my blog hahaha

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  1. Jaja, la foto aquella que ens vam fer! Sii, siempre ens fem fotos però falta la Mariona, que no vol...(;;)! xDD

    Que guay el disseny nou del blog!! (^^)