23 de septiembre de 2011



Oh! Finally Autumn arrived :) So... I have bought this boots to cooler weather. 
Are similar than the boots I had last year. But during my trip in Paris these were broken... 
Looking for similar ones I found these: 

 The brand isn't famous but I hope these boots has good quality because aren't cheap u.u'

The same day I bought the boots I found these sandals too... Summer ended (haha) but the low price and the style (like the sandals I have) didn't allow me leave these at shop! 
Are very comfortable and didn't hurt my feet as other summer shoes...

To wear shoes feet have to be health and I like take care of my feet. So, I did ictiotherapy ^^ These fish eat "dead skin" :) I recomend it. Then I enjoyed reflexology. I love it!!!!!!!!! 

Today I have no disire to write :/ Nothing interesting happens T.T

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