17 de septiembre de 2011


My lenses arrived to my home!!!! 

I was amazed when the postman gave it to me because I ordered the lenses 4 days before... haha
Really fast!!!!!!!!!!!
The model I chose is Geo Angel brown. 
They gave me this cute elephant case ^^ and a japanese product like velcro to putthe fringe backward while you are cleaning your face or you are putting the lenses.

My eye colors aren't good enough to put color lenses because are very dark. But my eye look different even it :)
Big and bright effect ^^ 

I'm happy :D  haha Moreover these lenses aren't expensive (only 20 USD) and I could choose the power right and left. Is good for me because I need different powers in each eye and before I thought I couldn't choose this option.


Well, today I wanna show you my new bracelet. 
My uncle bought it in Mallorca for me :) I love it! The colors are perfect :P

OMG I think the quality of this photos is horrible T.T sorry >.< 

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