9 de septiembre de 2011

Good Day ^^

Last Saturday I was in Barcelona spending a good time with friends.
My sister combed me and made me this  braid ^^
(I think it doesn’t appear very good…) Moreover I tried a new way to make up my eyes haha (trying smoky style…)
In short… my look was different that day but I was self-confident despite it
At this photo I’m with Ida and Sarah. Luckly the day was sunny, but we listened at news a totally different prediction :S
c3 You can see I have a Hello Kitty bag ^^
While I was waiting with Mariona, we decided to go to Hello Kitty shop
and we find two super cute dairy (12,95€) :)
You can see it here:

I bought in Sephora a glitter eye liner of Too Faced brand (Starry Eyed, Ooh & Aah // 18€ approx.)

This entry is made with a programm of my new computer, so I don't know how it will appear on blogger... :S I hope to get a good result...

2 comentarios:

  1. Weee (^O^)人(^O^)
    Jo crec que al final utilitzaré l'agenda que ens donen i ja la forraré xD

  2. Ohh el eye liner de purpurina tiene que ser super guay ;)