24 de agosto de 2011

Paris~ 巴黎 ~ パリ~! 5, 6 & 7

Hello!!! This is the last post about my trip in Paris :)

We went to Disneyland Park and we had fun beside the rain during the morning haha 

Luckly we could go on almost all the attraccions. To end the day we waited for the fireworks and the last parade. The quality isn't very good :S sorry!!! I hope you can see the castle... 

Next day we go one more time to Angelic Pretty shop and this time it was opened ^^ I could take a better photo... In the future I will upload the thing I bought :)

This is Lafayette mall. I was surprised with allt he shops, the people buying a lot of things and the beautiful place!

The last day we decided to have a breakfast in Ladurée pastisserie :D I chose orange juici and chocolat. Moreover we ate jam with croissants... 

Me in Ladurée ^^ I bought a pack of 8 macarons but I have lost the photo that I took of these T.T 

This was my first trip with friends, but tomorrow I will travel with them again ^^ 
Next destination: MADRID

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  1. Que guay tot!!
    I les fotos de l'altre entrada també!
    Espero que també t'ho passis genial a Madrid!
    Ja m'explicaràs coses quan tornis (^^)b
    Bon viatgeee!!