19 de agosto de 2011

Paris~ 巴黎 ~ パリ~! 3 & 4

The third day we went to Montmarte... but the visit was absolutly fail... Due the church isn't in the center of the city, the weather was cooler and the rain was very strong with wind... So we visited it fast but we could entry. 

After we went to Baby, The Stars Shine Bright. Is the second time I visit the shop ^^ This time I bought the photobook of Misako Aoki. When I opened it in the hotel I saw I appear in 3 photos that show Misako's travels arround the world. I appear in photos of Salon del Manga in Barcelona and the Tea Party of BTTSB!!! 

As we walked we saw a lot of macarons in pastisseries :) very cute!!!! and sure tasty 

The 3rd day we visited another curch too and we went to Angelic Pretty shop but it was closed... T.T

This is Ladurée in Versailles. The fourth day we expend the morning visiting the great palace. I love it!!! 

There are a lot of photos I wanna show you but I chose this one:

The room of mirrors. All the walls are mirrors. And see the roof.... is magnificent

Later we came back to Paris. I took this photo with the flowers. I think I will write an entry with photos of thw flowers and of the gardens. 

We were tired, so... ate a dilicious chocolate cake and crepe ^^ 

I hope you like it :) 

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