31 de agosto de 2011


I'm back ! ! !

Last Thursday I began my trip to Madrid by bus. 
I was a little bit tired but as I arrived I met my friend Laly. We visited the Korean Cultural Center. Is a new center and I like it a lot. I want work there ;O; I love it!!! 
We walk around the city to see the most important things (Cibeles, la Castellana...) 
I took this photo of Gran Vía but you can see the iron model of Gran Via too.

The  second day my friends and I visited El Retiro park ^^ Is very big and very beautiful :) 
For only 4,55 € we could boating. Rowing is a hard work!!!!

This time I took only few photos (only 143). In París I took the same quantity only in one day... I was 4 days in Madrid!

This time we rent a small-apartment in the centre, near la Puerta del Sol
It was a crowded street but it wasn't a problem. 

Now I should think about the classes... in few days I will start to go to the university again... 
Today is the last day of August... September tomorrow begins and it means the summer ends

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  1. Jjajajjja ahí, si señor, remando xDD
    Ouuu yeah ;)