12 de agosto de 2011

Paris~ 巴黎 ~ パリ~! 2

I will show you my second day in Paris :)
It was very nice too ^^ 
We went to Louvre Museum and the most important thing that made us happy was... free tickets!!! haha

Here inside the museum with my friend Sarai
I loved it but I couldn't see the part about Asia... T.T because was closed

One of the milion of photos that I took inside the museum. I was amazed with all the details :D 
I hope you like it. Is French style 100% haha

After we walk a lot and go to visit some places more due we can entry free. Due it we could visit a lot of places more. 

We ate ice cream :D  
Straciatella for me, as always :)

I can't explain very well my trip. We did a lot of things and I have more than 200 photos of some days (haha camera addict?) and I like 90% of these... 
I hope you understand me >.< 

Moreover I don't want make you wait for my new uploads that long.
 Sorry my head is saturated  ._.

2 comentarios:

  1. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh menos mal jajaj!
    Que buena pinta tienen los helados :P
    We want to see more photos!!!

  2. Quina pena que no poguessis veure la part d'Àsia (;;)

    Quina bona pinta el gelat!! xDD