10 de julio de 2011

I am alive haha

Hi! I'm not a missing person haha 
But during these days the laziness is my best friend 

Well, I want show you the things I bought weeks ago when I was in a Japanese library. 
The money they collect are intended to help Japan ^^ 
A good idea, isn't??? 

Things I bought: magazine (only 2 euros!!!)
a book, origami paper, a doll, one kawaii-rabbit eraser, Hello Kitty stamps,
 a japanese style notebook and 3 cute envelopes. 

This photo is more recent. I took it last week while some friends came to visit my city because our friends of China come back to their country... One of the last times we meet in Spain maybe... 
Fortunately, the came just one day of the the town's holding its annual festival ^^ 
Here we are in a castle tower, in the centre of the city. 

(My sister, Carina, Me, Yao and Judy)

To mark the festival every year the last day at night all the citizens can enjoy the fireworks! :) I go to see it always since I was a child. One of the photos I took: 

Now in Spain is sales period, so I have bought some things *O* I will show you in next entry. It will be soon.... Probably next week, before I go to Paris!

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  1. I love all the cute things you bought ! Very nice :)

    Please comment/follow my blog &
    I'll definitely return the favor :) Also, check out my 1st giveaway!


  2. hello,
    that's a great loot!
    btw, hope you can visit my blog, and follow to join my giveaway!
    definitely following you back!


  3. I can't wait to see your shopping hauls! Not to worry, sometimes, I feel lazy too, I know the feeling. - Mar

  4. adorable photos-seems fun! can't wait to see your purchases! :)


  5. *.* És la Torre del palau de Terrassa?
    Yo estuve por allí hace tiempo con el colegio!!
    Y dónde dices que está esta libreria para comprar todas estas monosidades?? esque una revista japonesa a 2€...ni em mis sueños mas bizarros hoigan xD
    Un petó guapa^^

  6. ANONIMO--> NO es una libreria japonesa, es una biblioteca que etsa en Barcelona. Aun asi no puedes comprar revistas ni nada alli... solo es que un dia hicieron un mercadillo benefico y la gente llevo cosas para venderlas y poder donar el dinero a Japon.

    Jajaja si, es la torre del palau XD