13 de julio de 2011


Do you want see some of the last clothes I have bought??? 
I found this perfect dress in H&M but the  price is not cut because this dress is
part of the new collection... 
When I go to the shops during sales, always I buy something that is not lower haha

Yesterday in Barcelona I bought this T-shirt. As usual with animal print 
haha I can't avoid do it
Here in the photo the animal is so clear, but when I dressed the T-shirt the animal is camouflaged :)

The best purchase ^^ 
I saw it in Mango months ago but I haven't bought this time... When one day I come back to the shop the T-shirt wasn't available. But one day of the last week I was shopping  with one friend and I felt in love again haha This time I bought it, of course, but the price was better than expected :D
First price: 25€  --> I bought it only for 11€
That day I was happy!!!!

You can see that is a sequinned T-shirt, that's the reason because the light reflect on it and the green colour doesn't look the same. 

That's all :) 
Now I'm finishing to pack all the thing to the trip ^^ 
Tomorrow I will flight to Paris with two friends...
I'm really excited!!!

3 comentarios:

  1. compradora compulsiva hahahhaha
    Me gusta la camiseta del Mango ^^

  2. Que guays les compres (^O^)
    Waaa, fes moltes coses divertides a París (i fotooos jaja ^^)

  3. woooo el jersey de mango!!!! jo tambe vaig estar a punt de comprar-me el lila de rebaixes, pero al final va ser que no xDD m'agrada tot! sobretot el vestit! que t'ho passis molt molt be a paris!!!!!!