21 de junio de 2011

Presents :)

Today I will show the presents I have received recently ^^ 

One time I told you I have a penpal in Korea. This time he sent me some chocolate
because I ask for it :) It was delicious!!! When I ate all I was veery sad ;O;
He gave me some coins of South Korea.

One of the Chinese girls who study this year at university here 
gave me these two things ^^ 
A photo of pandas, because she is from Sichuan 
and this is the place where there are more pandas in China :) very cute~~ 
She gave me this lucky charm

And my friend Laly from Madrid sent me some presents o(n.n)o

An adorable bag, a ring and some stuff of Shinee group.
She is absolutely crazy that's because  I like her 

Well, this days I'm a little bit bored... But I want do a lot of things this summer. As always I think I  wont do all I propose...

I'm reading some books, planing my trip and chatting all the day! XD

4 comentarios:

  1. Que guays tots els regals!! (*O*)
    És molt mona la xocolata (;3;) jaja

  2. wooow cute presents!
    but i must say, I hate shinee D:

    kiss and hugs from Argentina!

    I follow you ♥

  3. *O* ooh... el bolsito se sale!! me encanta ><

  4. Ichi!!
    Antes de ir a Paris y probar allí la Holga, pruébala antes... porque puede fallarte!! a mí el primer carrete me salió fallido!