15 de junio de 2011

Weekend :D

This weekend was really good ^^ 
I met Sarah in Barcelona, as always haha. But this time we go to make some purikura at morning. This time we made it very very fast! And the result was awesome *O* 

We write our names in Japanese :) 

Later we went with one more friend to the cheap-delicious Japanese restaurant. 
The photo of the desserts :
Sarah as always ate green tea ice cream and I ate chocolate ice cream this time ^^ 

At last, on afternoon, we went to Madame Chocolat because the old shop closed down (because was a little big small) and that day was the opening of the new shop. 
The photo of the window ^^ 

午後一緒にMadame Chocolatへ行きました。古い店は少し小さい、新店ができましたから。

A friend make some cute cupcakes! I love it!!!!!!!!!!! 0(n.n)o
Your maybe can't see the detail but the cupcakes have glitter!


 I chose the pink fast because there were a lot of people and immediately ran out...

I didn't bought nothing in the shop but we went to buy something to the Asiatic market the next to the shop. I bought strawberry Pocky :) haha but is not of Japan, is Chinese ^^ it doesn't matter... is good too!

That's all today *O*

2 comentarios:

  1. Sii, va ser molt guay el dissabte! (^O^)
    Jajajaj sempre agafo gelat de té verd (;o;) està tan bo! jajaja
    Potser el pròxim dia agafaré una altre cosa, eeeh? jajaja (o potser no xDDDD)

  2. so beautiful photo!

    madame chocolat!, the new local rigth?... so cute

    kisses from argentina :3