27 de mayo de 2011


The weather is very very hot now here!!!!

2 weeks ago I was with my family in a hotel to relax a little bit before the exams.
Although the place was fine, I couldn't enjoy 100% 
because I had to do some work to the university...

Well, the spa and the jacuzzi were fun XD

I never hadn't visited Caldetes. Is a small village near the beach. From the window of my room  I could see the beach! There aren't building in front of the hotel. 

I decided swim in the sea! You can see the my footprints in the sand :D
 to going inside (right) and returning to the towel (left footprints) hahaha

This is the desert I choose one of the nights. I love it! Stracciatella is my favourite ice-cream flavour *O*

And this is a photo I took myself at the terrace of the hotel :) 

Next time I will upload new clothes that arrive this week and other that I have bought :) 

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