17 de mayo de 2011

We met again!

Last week my friend Patricia came to Barcelona. One of the days that she was here, we go to shome shops ^^ and later we went to the japanese restaurant to dinner. 
I ate yakinikudon... as always. I really like it!!!!! Is delicious :D
They ate tendon, maki and yakisoba


We took some photos but don't have very good quality due the yellow light of the Barcelon's street at night.

Acting fool :D Me, Patri and Marina

That Wednesday we had a good time together!

We met again on  Saturday but I don't have photos T.T they have to send me it. 

The outfit I wore that day:

Knit: H&M (first it cost 29 € but I bought it on sales for 1€!!!!)
Skirt: Chinese shop haha 13€ 
Thighs: Calzedonia 

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