24 de marzo de 2011

New arrivals!

Todays is Thursday :D 

A good day for my because is the last day of the week that I have class. 
I feel this week passed fast... 

Well, I have some new things! 

These two magazines: 

Kera of March and Poopteen of March too, but... when I bought it I ignored it is Hong Kong edition...
It doesn't matter! I enyojed see this too and I practiced a little bit of Chinese (hahaha)
It isn't all I ordered but Kera of April didn't available at the same time that these was sent. I'm still waiting for it...

Next day I received my Holga camera. Strange camera for you??? This camera was created in Hong Kong on 1982 (more info here). I love the effects thought I haven't try it yet. I will show you the photos I will take with this camera but I don't know when. 

And the perfume... Is the present that my friends give to me on my birthday but until last weekend I didn't have it for some little problems XD As I say "I'm always available to receive gifts, not only on birthday date" :)

Oh... I have no idea what  I could tell you... Maybe the next time I'm more inspirated. Sorry!

2 comentarios:

  1. Weee ara tens moltes revistes noves!! Yujuuuu☆
    Ja ensenyaras las fotos que facis amb la camera nova (^O^)

  2. woooo *O* !! I have an Holga camera as well!! hahaha... la has utilizado ya?? :3