6 de marzo de 2011

うれしい~~ :)

Hello everyone!!

Last weekend I went with my friends to Japan Weekend which is an event where there are a lot of Japanese tematic items. Well, not only japanese. There are korean too.
My favourite stands is this:
先週私は友達とJapan Weekendのイベントへ行きました。日本と韓国の品はたくさんがありました。

Madame Chocolat's stand. It have a shop in Barcelona. I like go to buy cute things.
They are always in events related with japanese stuff and the decoration is amazing!

 All pink and ribbons, shine colours, ring, necklaces, cupcakes...

This day I didn't have a lot of money to spend, but I wanted taste it and the adorable Rilakkuma makes me buy these sweets.  

 Japanese sweets have strange flavour but is fantastic that we can savour.
I think that Lotte is a good brand. I would taste all te products that I saw when I visited the website.

This is what was inside. Strawberry flavour :D

 The gift: one sticker! 

Me, Sarah and Mariona. Rilakkuma kigurumi is very beautiful *O* I like it a lot! 

Making a star with fingers! 星の指を作りました!
My nails are the red ones. Sarah: pink with kawaii rings; Mariona: black french manicure and Ida the blue ones.

2 comentarios:

  1. Gràcies per les fotoos!
    Jo tinc algunes de tu també (i el video xDD), vols que t'ho passi??
    Que gracioses les xuxes del Rilakkuma (^O^)

  2. hahaha el teu video!!! xDD
    les xuxes son una monada! no se si me les menjaria amb lo boniques que son :D i vaya pelos porto ja a la foto ._. no se que va passar... aiishh
    fins dema^^