26 de agosto de 2013

Flying to Beijing

Today I am not writing this post in my home...
Where am I?
I am in Zurich. Today I will arrive to Bejing
 (well is 27th August Beijing's time when I arrive, but 26 in Europe)
And why? As you know I study chinese at University and during the last academic year I decided live this experience. It was really hard to take the decision but finally I did it.
My friends and my family trust in me and they are sure
 I am going to learn a lot and enjoy the experince.
Is my first time in China, my first time living without my family, without my friends... is a totally new experince for me.
I feel happy recently and I think I will have really nice moments in Beijing.
Peking University is my uni there and I know I can do it :)
Still I don't know if I could connect to blogger from there. Maybe...
If it is possible I will upload photos and tell you some news.
If is not...my blog will dye T.T  during almost one year hahaha 
I know that during this summer I haven't upload any entry (although I have alot of things to tell you because I was in Madrid with my sister and walking in Camino de Santiago w ith my father), but I was enjoying every minute with my family and friends :)
 I hope you understand me!
o(~_^)o BYE BYE

2 comentarios:

  1. Seguro que te va muy bien por Pekin! Mucha suerte en esta nueva etapa y estare esperando las fotos ^^
    Besos guapa!

  2. Espero que sí que puguis actualitzar des de la Xina (^^)!!
    M'alegro que hagis tingut un bon estiu (^O^)