14 de noviembre de 2012

XVIII Saló del Manga

 Today I want to talk about the most important event in Barcelona related with manga.
This year it was celebrated in "Fira de Barcelona" for first time.
 The convention center where the event was celebrated is bigger than old one.  
Moreover the location is better because is in the center of Barcelona (near Plaza Espanya). 
The years before we had to go to another city which I don't like. 

Me, Ivette, Sarah and Ida

When we arrived there was much of a line... 
but luckily a friend of mine (next to me in the photo) let us jump the line (n.n' haha)
So, we could enter in few minutes... but I know some people queued for over 2 hours.
Every year a lot of people assist but this year had more visitors than ever. 
(I read in newspaper the audience was around 112 000 people). 

Sarah and I ^-^ having fun taking photos ↑↓

The outfit I chose was inspired in autumn: maroon and different shades of brown

This year the event focused on Japanese gastronomy. For this reason, there were a lot of 
Japanese food to taste. Buy food was the first thing we did when we were inside.
We tasted rolled Japanese  crepe because is the first time in Barcelona we could eat it.
Few days ago the first restaurant specialised on  these kind of crepes opened up. 
I haven't tasted original rolled Japanese crepe but some people think that are better than these. Maybe is too soon to judge the new restaurant and need more experience. 

Later I bought this nikuman. What is a nikuman? Is a Japanese food made from flour and pork meat inside or other ingredients.  

I love it!!! ♥♥♥ It make me remember Chinese xiaolongbao

We decided eat inside but it was impossible! The problem: too many people... 
Finally we eat at our favourite Japanese restaurant. 

Look the tuna maki *-*

We went back but I was really tired. Moreover this year I found the event different. Not because the new place but because I feel the event is always the same... 
We need something special for the next year! 
Maybe a famous guest would awake our interest again

 I only bought 4 things but I will show you next time!

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