16 de noviembre de 2012


Party is synonymous of food. 
As more I know about different culture I see clearer that all people 
use to celebrate festivities eating something special. 
We do it too. These small and cute cakes are typical on Castanyada
the Catalonia festivity celebrated on 1st November 
(our particular Halloween but totally different)

The sweets are called "panellets"

I bought the sweets because I wanted my Chinese exchange friends taste it
My favourite one is made with pine kernel and, 
together with almond ingredient, is the most popular and typical. 

Well, the photo could be better but I ate almost all the sweets of the box. Sorry~~ haha

We don't use to celebrate Halloween although is known worldwide but 31th October,
 when I arrived to university (asleep and shivering due the cold weather), I get a surprise!
For the first time the hall was decorated with Halloween motifs. 
Is an original idea but despite the peculiar atmosphere we had class. 

We classes ended Sarah and I posed to took a photo. 
That day I felt bad T.T but I tried to smile

4 comentarios:

  1. The sweets look really nice~ In Chinese New Year, we eat lots of sweets because its meant to bring more sweetness into life. :)

  2. Va quedar maca la facultat! (^^)
    Els hi van agradar els panellets a les xineses al final?

  3. it looks yummy!
    You and sarah look cute
    i hope you're feeling better than that day (^^)
    we dont celebrate halloween here either but everyone likes to decorate shops and some high schools! my university didnt haha